from’s Jose Marrero:

The show opened with all the Smackdown matches first

Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre in a very good 15 minute match that picked up towards the end with a lot of near falls with the SOS. After the match Drew got his heat back beating down Kofi until Matt Hardy came out of the audience to beat up Drew. He escaped in the audience and again re-entered the ring moments later from the audience to throw Drew back in the ring so Kofi could get at him some more.

The Straight Edge Society (Drew Gallows and Mystery Man accompanied by Serena) took on Christian and MVP. Christian pretty much wrestled 80 percent of the match and gave the hot tag midway to MVP who wound up winning the match for the team.

CM Punk accompanied by Serena took on Kane. Before the match Punk cut a promo telling everyone that he was the greatest man ever and the match with him and Kane was pretty much as bad as all his other matches with Kane with Kane going over clean with a choke slam.

Jack Swagger vs. the Big Show in a No DQ match was the most tame No DQ match I have ever seen with it leaving me knowing exactly why Swagger vs. Show at the last PPV ended the way it did. Finish came when Kane came down and beat up Show with Swagger picking up the win. Kane came back in the ring to beat up Swagger too and well he beat up 3 of the 4 men in Smackdown’s Fatal 4way Main Event to end his night.

Miz retained his title in a Fatal 4way that included R Truth, Evan Bourne, and Mark Henry. It wasn’t the best of encounters as 3 babyfaces ganging up on one heel isn’t the way I would book a Fatal 4way but Miz got a lot of heat early on by cutting a promo which ended with him saying how the NY Knicks would not get Lebron James or a championship. He took the pin after Bourne nailed R Truth with Air Bourne and he threw Bourne out the ring and pinned Truth.

Eve Torres & The Bellas defeated LayCool and Maryse in what was the worst womens wrestling match I have ever seen. The heels mostly worked over the Bellas most of the match with Eve coming in for the hot tag and the match ended when she pinned Maryse. This match was so bad it literally got “This Match is Stupid” chants throughout the whole building and the only time the building popped was at the three count simply because the match was over.

Randy Orton defeated Edge via RKO in a really solid match. He didn’t look to be favoring his arm and should be totally fine for the PPV

Main Event was John Cena taking on Sheamus in what has to be the match of the night. Sheamus looked dominant and got heat on Cena like I have never seen anyone get heat before. The finish came when Cena was in the midst of his comeback and Wade Barrett showed up. Cena gave Sheamus the Attitude Adjustment and proceeded to fight Barrett after which the remaining 6 NXT Season 1 Rookies showed up and beat on Cena in what was the coolest thing I have ever seen at a MSG house show in quite a long time. The whole arena was buzzing for this and popped big time when the WWE lockeroom cleared out to help Cena fight off the invaders.

Show ends with everyone celebrating and WWE did a really great angle that may help them move some tickets for tomorrows show which they were pushing big time since there are still many tickets available.