(1) IC title match: Kofi Kingston vs. Drew McIntyre.

As McIntyre works over Kingston, fans started a chant of “let’s go Kofi.” McIntyre works over Kingston’s left arm, and he mocks the IC champion. They show Long with his hands folding watching the action from ring side. It appears he was pulling for Kingston. The referee for the opening match is Charles Robinson. Lots of near falls. At one point, Kingston appeared to have McIntyre beat, but the challenger was able to get his foot on the ropes to break the count. In other exchange, Kingston was forced to pick his worked over left shoulder to break up a near fall. McIntyre argued the counted with Robinson. As McIntyre and Kington mixed it up, the referee was bumped. Future shock by Kingston, but the referee remained out. McIntyre tried to revive Robinson without any success. McIntyre dragged Long into the ring. He pulled off Robinson’s referee shirt and demanded that Long put it on, which he did. Long made it to two, but Long stopped his count and shook his head at McIntyre. Long begged for mercy from McIntyre. Matt Hardy runs in through the crowd hits a twist of fate, which allowed Kingston to hit his trouble in paradise for the win at 16:27 to retain the IC title.