To follow up on our earlier report by Chris Johnson regarding the work visa issues with Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre, were told at this point that WWE has no idea when McIntyre will be back and the hope was that Barrett would be able to return by next week.

The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE creative was told on Tuesday afternoon to presume both wouldn’t be back until after SummerSlam in August, making things extremely tough more so for Barrett given the way he was booked as the “leader” of the NXT/Nexus group on Raw. It is possible they could both be back sooner, but that was the initial word as of today.

It should be noted that current WWE Champion Sheamus was signed by WWE around the same time as Barrett and McIntyre. The belief as of right now is that he is okay in regards to his work visa, but given the fact how things were handled with Barrett and McIntyre he could possibly be next.