In an interview with Buzzerblog, WWE star Chris Jericho comments on hosting the new television game show “Downfall”. When asked how he got involved with the show, here’s what Jericho had to say:

“Well, I mean, my agent said that I was brought up as one of the potential hosts…got invited to audition. When I got there I didn’t realize how expansive the show was, how big the set was going to be, and how much was behind it…how much weight ABC and Fremantle was putting into it.

There was around 100 people going for the gig and about 20 of us were put on tape, so it was a pretty intense, meticulous process to get it. I had to go through two or three auditions to bang it home. And as I said once I got there I said, “Wow.” Because, first off, I figured, “Whatever, it’s a game show…comme ci, comme ca.” And then I saw the enormity of this and then I really saw how much was going into this.”

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