Vince McMahon states in a deposition that he will not bid for the XFL in bankruptcy court

Vince McMahon not buying XFL back

According to a filing made in bankruptcy court, Vince McMahon will not be placing a bid to purchase the XFL.

Earlier this month, creditors told The Atlantic they believed that McMahon was going to try to buy the XFL out of bankruptcy court in Delaware. The creditors thought that McMahon would do this to manipulate the process to get the league back and not have to fully pay back the debtors.

Kevin Seifert of ESPN noted in a deposition filed in the bankruptcy court that McMahon would not be a bidder for the XFL. McMahon stated that the claims made about him by the creditors were “inflammatory rhetoric and unsubstantiated accusations.”

The XFL was five weeks into their comeback season when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and forced the league to shut down. They would soon cease operations all together and lay off their employees. Days later, the league filed for bankruptcy.

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