WWE bans the use of the Buckle Bomb move in wrestling matches

WWE bans the Buckle Bomb

WWE has banned the use of the Buckle Bomb in professional wrestling matches.

According to a new report by PWInsider, WWE made the decision to ban the move after Nia Jax injured Kairi Sane taking a version of the move a few weeks ago on Raw.

The move has infamously injured a number of performers in the past. In 2015, Seth Rollins delivered a Buckle Bomb to Sting that accidentally injured the latter’s neck. That would be the final match of Sting’s career. Rollins also accidentally injured Finn Bálor with the move at SummerSlam 2016 during the inaugural match for the WWE Universal Championship.

Just because a move is banned does not mean it is gone forever. Rollins’ finishing move, The Stomp, was banned for a time, leading to Rollins using the Pedigree for a time. For now it joins moves such as the piledriver and chair shots to the head as banned moves.

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