Junior Hobson sent this report in:

WWE House show: Sydney, Australia- Saturday 31st July 2010

As this was the first show i have ever been to i had no idea how much different it was watching it live then at home on tv, you haven’t experienced wrestling until you have seen it live.

First match involved the Hart Dynasty retaining their tag team titles with an impressive display over Joey Mercury and Luke Gallows which had many exciting close pin falls

MVP got a pretty good pop as he came out and defeated Cody Rhodes

We got to see Alberto Del Rio wrestle and he doesn’t look to bad after a decent match with Chavo Guerrero

Layla retained the Women’s Championship after defeating Kelly Kelly

Big Show received a massive pop as he came out and defeated Drew Mcintrye

Matt Hardy defeated Christian in the best match of the night with both getting great support from the crowd with christian starting the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie Oi Oi Oi chant which the crowd loved and after the match both superstars hugged each other.

Dolph Ziggler defeated Kofi Kingston for the intercontinental championship after which Kofi got some revenge on Dolph attacking him until he left the ring

In the main event of the night for the WHC Kane defeated Jack Swagger in a triple threat match. Rey Mysterio received the biggest pop of the night as he came out. Kane won the match after Rey Mysterio performed his 619 on Swagger as Kane tossed him outside the ring and got the pinfall. After the match Swagger left the ring as Rey made sure the crowd went home happy with him performing his 619 on Kane.