Cena to appear in an upcoming Nickelodeon Movie‏

from Mickey Micklon:

WWE Superstar, John Cena has been announced as a cast member of the upcoming Nickelodeon movie, Fred: The Movie. The movie is set to debut on the Nickelodeon cable network in September.

The movie is based on a popular series of YouTube videos about a hyper-active 6-year old with “anger management issues” named “Fred Figglehorn” (portrayed by 16-year old, Lucas Cruikshank). At one point, the Fred channel was the #1 Most Subscribed (All-Time) channel on the video-sharing site.

The movie will feature, for the first time on-screen, recurring characters in the Fred YouTube videos. From the movie’s teaser on Nick.com, it appears that they have aged all the characters in Fred YouTube videos. Fans of the Fred videos on YouTube will notice that Cruikshank’s voice is not digitally-altered in the movie.

Cena will portray “Fred’s Dad”, a character who has only been mentioned in the Fred YouTube videos. On Nick.com, “Fred’s Dad” is described as appearing to “Fred” as a “shirtless vision, right in Fred’s living room! HI DAD!! Fred’s dad is pretty wise and always has the BEST ADVICE for Fred when he really needs it most.” In the world of “Fred,” his father is in jail for unknown reasons, and has never appeared. Like other characters in the movie, this will be the first time Fred fans will see the supporting cast of characters on camera.

The teaser can be viewed online at http://www.nick.com/fred

(viewable to people only in the U.S.)

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