SUMMERSLAM: Big Show vs. Straight Edge Society

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Straight Edge Society (CM Punk, Luke Gallows & Joseph Mercury) w/ Serena vs. Big Show

Big Show has his right hand heavily wrapped up. Before the match starts, Big Show asks WWE’s medical trainer to have it cut off. The bell rings and Big Show levels Mercury and Gallows with big chops. Mercury and Gallows try to double team Big Show, but Big Show tosses Gallows out of the ring and takes out Mercury lifting him up and dropping him back down. Mercury rolled out, but Big Show picked him up by his head, lifted him up and threw him on Gallows. Big Show stares down CM Punk in his corner. Serena tries to distract Big Show, but Big Show catches Punk with a glancing right hand. Big Show takes out Punk with a huge chest chop. Punk rolls out, Big Show follows, Punk pokes Big Show in the throat with his right hand, Punk tries to jump over Big Show’s right hand, but Big Show moves and trips Punk up on the steel steps. Big Show goes to slap Punk over the chest, Punk moves and Big Show slaps the steel steps with force. S.E.S. then triple team Big Show on the outside as Punk bails back in the ring. Punk and Mercury stomp over Big Show’s body. S.E.S. all take turns dropping elbows and leg drops over Big Show. Big Show fights back tossing Mercury into a corner, Gallows next and body splashing both. Big Show takes both out with a double clothesline and catches Punk as he came off the top rope. Punk catches Big Show with a high kick, dodges a body splash, hits a knee to the jaw, a second knee to the jaw, a third knee to the jaw, calls out Mercury and both hit a double bulldog off the top. Big Show gets Punk on his shoulders, has Mercury ready for a chokeslam, Gallows breaks it up and Punk is sent over the top rope by Big Show. In the ring, Big Show hits a chokeslam on Mercury over Gallows. Punk is leaving with Serena up the ramp. Big Show covers and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Big Show

After the match, we see a shot of CM Punk and Serenas at the top of the ramp. Big Show is staring him down as Michael Cole said Punk sacrificed his members to the Big Show.

Backstage, we see a shot of Kane standing over a casket. Kane says he will avenge his brother tonight by putting Rey Mysterio inside. WWE Champion Sheamus walks up. Kane asks what he wants. Sheamus tells him to relax and says Kane’s casket is far too large for little Mysterio, but it is the perfect size for Randy Orton. He asks Kane if he can borrow his casket for his title match next. Kane says no. Sheamus said that is too bad because if they were on the same page they would be unstoppable. He said he is the real Big Red Monster and to stay out of his way. Kane laughs, says he likes Sheamus, he has guts – which will be spilled out over the floor if he ever talks to him like that again.

* The Miz is on his way out to the arena right now.

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