SUMMERSLAM: Sheamus vs. Orton – WWE Title

WWE Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

We got ring introductions for the challenger Randy Orton and champion Sheamus. Series of lock ups with Sheamus pushing Orton away each time and taunting. Orton goes on the attack stomping Sheamus away in the corner. Orton drops Sheamus with a big clothesline and tosses in a kick to the head. Sheamus attempts a hip toss, Orton hangs on and clotheslines Sheamus. Orton then clotheslines Sheamus to the outside. Orton tosses Sheamus into the announce table and clotheslines him over the ring barricade into the crowd. Orton gets Sheamus back in the ring at the count of nine. Orton stomps over various parts of Sheamus’ body and drops a knee. Orton catapults Sheamus into the bottom rope from the ring apron. On the outside, Sheamus counters and sends Orton shoulder first into the steel ring steps. Sheamus tosses Orton back in the ring, drops him with a clothesline and drops a knee. Orton blocks a suplex attempt by Sheamus and hits a suplex of his own. Sheamus slides to the ring apron, gets near the ropes, Orton kicks him in the chest, pulls him out to set him ups DDT, but Sheamus slides himself in and back drops Orton over the top rope to the outside. Lawler said it looks like Sheamus read Orton’s book. Sheamus tosses Orton back first into the ring barricade a few times and then tosses him back in the ring. Back in the ring, Orton drops Sheamus with a back suplex. Orton drops Sheamus over his back. Orton and Sheamus exchange right hands. Orton breaks it up with an uppercut, clothesline, second clothesline and snap powerslam. Sheamus misses a charge and goes shoulder first into the steel ring post. Orton drags Sheamus up to the top turnbuckle and connects with a superplex. Sheamus fights back dropping Orton with a big backbreaker. Sheamus sets up for his running kick to the face, but Orto moves and Sheamus crashes and burns through the ropes to the outside of the ring. Orton grabs Sheamus and drops him with his DDT through the middle rope. Orton fires up, jumps up for an RKO, but Sheamus barely counters tossing Orton away at the last second. Orton grabs the back of his head in pain. Sheamus has Orton up with the Irish Curse. Orton counters jumping off, but Sheamus catches him with a big boot. Sheamus covers and Orton gets a shoulder up. Sheamus can’t believe it. Sheamus leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. When he gets in the ring with it, the referee tries to take it away and Sheamus ends up tossing him out when pulling the chair toward him. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Randy Orton
Winner & still WWE Champion: Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus starts smashing the chair on the mat yelling at Orton to get up. Orton is up, Sheamus misses, Orton hits a low blow kick and grabs the chair. Orton tosses it aside and kicks Sheamus out of the ring to the outside. Orton tosses Sheamus on top of the announce table, smiles and then drops Sheamus with an RKO over the table. The table doesn’t break. We see a shot of Orton walking up the ramp to the back. At ringside, we see a WWE medical trainer helping a dazed Sheamus. Justin Roberts announces on the house mic that Sheamus is still the WWE Champion, which prompts a chorus of booing.

The trailer for “Legendary” starring John Cena airs. Devon Graye, a co-star in “Legendary”, is shown at ringside.

A video package runs hyping Kane vs. Rey Mysterio.

* Kane defending the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio is up next.

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