Results courtesy of Billy Krotchsen and PWInsider:

Smackdown opens up with the ring decorated in balloons, a pinata wearing a Rey mask hanging in the middle of the ring, red/white/green streamers, a table with champagne and servants with hor dourves. Alberto Del Rio comes out and talks about destroying Rey Mysterio. He takes a stick and hits the pinata. He says Rey is just like the pinata, a burro. Christian interrupts him and says he knows who he is, he’s JBL – Juan Bradshaw Layfield. He says he’s joking and knows he’s Enrique Iglesias. Christian starts to sing ‘Hero’. He tells Del Rio he saw what he did to his friend Rey and came out to confront him. Del Rio tells him to leave before he ends up like Rey. The two stare off but Del Rio tells him they’ll meet another place and time. He leaves Christian in the ring, who is attacked by Drew McIntyre (Drew came through the crowd, he tried to jump the barricade but tripped and fell; that will be edited out). The two have a match which is now in progress….

Christian pinned Drew McIntyre.

Michelle McCool pinned Kelly Kelly. Layla El was on commentary.

WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler pinned Chris Masters.

The Big Show defeated CM Punk and Luke Gallows in a handicap match. Punk nailed Gallows with the GTS after the match.

The VIP Lounge is the All American American Lounge since Jack Swagger gets to host, since he beat MVP last week. Swagger comes out with his father, who is still in a wheelchair from the injuries Kane caused several months back. Swagger Sr. said that he was proud of his son and wants him to do pushups for a minute. Swagger is doing them when MVP comes out. They argue back and forth and Swagger Sr. falls out of the wheelchair. MVP tosses Swagger out of the ring and nails Swagger Sr. with the Ballin’ elbow.

Cody Rhodes pinned Matt Hardy. Before the match, Rhodes made fun of Hardy’s appearances and said if anyone needed a tire, Matt has a spare.

WWE World champion Kane cut a promo on the Titantron, saying he would defend his title at the Night of Champions and destroy the Undertaker once and for all. The Druids come out with a coffin. Kane pops out and says he was always the “other brother” and the “afterthought” but now the roles are reversed and Undertaker is in his shadow. Kane says Taker is weak and Kane saw his weakness when he left Taker comatose. Kane says their saga is over. Taker will be no more and nothing will stop him from destroying Taker. The lights go out and when they return, Taker is in the ring. The lights go out again and when they return, Kane is gone. Undertaker goes to the coffin and opens it but there’s nothing inside. Kane appears on the Tron and promises he is going to destroy the Undertaker at the Night of Champions.