From Adam:

After Raw went off the air last night in Nashville, John Cena came out and made the save for Bret Hart. Batista and McMahon took off running and Cena helped Hart to his feet and there was a short celebration in the ring with Cena and Hart. After Hart returned to the locker room, Sheamus came to the ring and he and Cena had a WWE Championship match. The match was about 10 minutes long and ended with Sheamus getting disqualified as Batista hit the ring and attacked Cena when it looked like Cena was going to go over Sheamus following the Attitude Adjustment. Batista beat on Cena for several minutes culminating with a Batista-bomb on the steal ring steps that Batista had drug in the ring. Batista then left for the locker room leaving Cena laying out cold on the mat. Sheamus got some cheap by celebrating while holding the the WWE Championship over Cena as he lay beaten. As Sheamus was looking the other way celebrating, Cena recovered and caught Sheamus with the Attitude Adjustment again and then celebrated in the ring alone as the night ended. Overall, Raw was a really good show. The Sommet Center was packed to the rafters and if it wasn’t sold out, it was very close. The crowd was hot all night, which made for a fun time. Cena and Bret Hart, predictably, had the biggest pops of the night. The most heat, surprisingly enough, was for The Big Show after his disqualification for knocking out the referee.

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