The following are numbers for WWE for July 2010:

* averaged 11.5 million visitors to the website (15% decline from last July which saw the company average 13.6 million).

* averaged 484 merchandise orders per day (17% decline from last July with the company averaging 581 orders per day).

* As of the end of July, Wrestlemania 26 on DVD shipped 247,000 orders (up from the Wrestlemania 25 DVD which last year at the end of July had shipped 215,000 orders). The four most successful WWE DVD’s for 2010 so far include Wrestlemania 26, Shawn Michaels: My Journey with 135,000 units shipped, Royal Rumble 2010 with 122,000 units shipped and the latest Undertaker DVD shipping 118,000 units.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter