Brian Fritz of AOL Fanhouse and “Between the Ropes” is featuring an interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler discussing when he first felt like he “made it” in his pro wrestling career and more so with WWE.

“Honestly, I’ve had a lot of goals my entire career and just getting signed to the WWE and to developmental and then getting called up to the main roster, those were all big goals. Actually, getting an Intercontinental Title match with Rey Mysterio last year was a big step for me. Wow, they think I can go with some of the best in the world and I’m more than happy to hold my own and delivering in all those Pay-Per-View matches against Rey Mysterio really made me feel like I belong and I was one of the roster.”

Full interview link:
Dolph Ziggler Looking Ahead to WWE SmackDown’s Move to SyFy