WWE United States Championship – Submissions Count Anywhere Triple Threat
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison

The Miz goes after Morrison first and both Bryan and Morrison take him down. Miz bails out quickly to regroup. Morrison and Bryan chase after Miz and finally get him back in the ring. Morrison with a quick snapmare takedown on Bryan. Miz counters more takedown attempts by Morrison into some of his own. Bryan goes for a submission early working on the knee and ankle of Morrison. Morrison rolls outs and hits the mat, but Miz keeps the submission locked on. Miz breaks it up sending Bryan into the padded guard railing. Some odd commentary from Matt Striker who insulted Michael Cole and then decided to get his thoughts almost immediately afterwards on the match at hand. Bryan breaks up a tarantula submission by Miz on Morrison. Bryan then locks on a submission that Striker refers to as Cattle Mutilation. Bryan attempts a heel hook on Miz. Miz and Bryan exchange boots to the face while rolling around on the mat. Morrison springboards in hitting a corkscrew moonsault. Morrison locks on a reverse ankle lock, but Miz breaks it up. Morrison dropkicks Miz out of the ring and springboards himself over with a big splash. Miz elevates Morrison over the padded guard railing into the crowd.

Morrison with some big right hands to Miz as they continue to brawl into the crowd. Miz locks on a modified Dragon Sleeper on Morrison using the steel guard railings on the arena steps. Bryan is now near them and Miz sends Bryan face first into a garbage can. Bryan then takes Miz down attempting an armbar. Miz breaks out and knees Bryan in the head. Morrison comes forward and Miz drops him face first off part of the arena box area. Miz then sends Bryan crashing through a table setup near the stage. Morrison springboards off part of the arena and kicks Bryan in the face. Miz grabs a stage hand equipment box and pushes it into Morrison. Miz then picks up Bryan and throws him on top. Miz tosses the equipment box into the steel entrance ramp and Bryan flips onto the ramp landing on the steel. Morrison floats over the box and kicks Miz in the face. Action is all over the place. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison on the floor of the arena. Bryan and Miz double clothesline each other at the top of the entrance stage. Morrison is back up and starts climbing the lighting structure and then on to part of the set that is a section of the Hell in a Cell steel cage.

Morrison jumps off the top and takes out both Miz and Bryan. Morrison gets a Texas Cloverleaf submission locked on Miz. Alex Riley runs out and breaks it up flipping Morrison forward on the steel stage. Bryan tosses Riley away right into a camera man. Bryan gets Miz down on the entrance ramp and gets the LeBell Lock applied. Miz taps out.

Winner & still WWE United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Michael Cole says Daniel Bryan is the real deal and adds, “But I still think he is a nerd.”

A video package airs hyping Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the WWE Championship inside a Hell in a Cell.

* Randy Orton defending the WWE Championship against Sheamus in a Hell in a Cell is next.