Dark match:

The Hell in A Cell dark match was a six man tag with Kofi Kingston, Goldust and R Truth beating the team of Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre. Before the match, Cody looked angry when Goldust was announced that he had to face his brother. Goldust got the hot tag and the finish on Cody for the win.

After the PPV:

The Crowd died off at the Edge/Del Rio/Swagger stuff and didn’t come alive again until Cena/Barrett. The crowd seemed evenly split during that match and after. Several kids were in tears that Cena lost and a good chunk of them and their parents left after that and going into Taker/Kane.

The crowd hated the finish of Taker/Kane as not many saw what happened or if they did, get what was happening.

After it was over Taker laid there for a few minutes until his music hit. He rolled out of the ring and sat there looking confused and angry then left.

Credit: Pwinsider.com