Mustafa Ali revealed to be the leader of RETRIBUTION last night on WWE Raw

On last night’s episode of WWE Raw, the leader of RETRIBUTION was revealed.

Mustafa Ali revealed himself to be the leader of the group RETRIBUTION. During a match with MVP last night, RETRIBUTION’s logo took over the WWE ThunderDome. Ali aligned himself with the Hurt Business to fight them, walking straight up to T-Bar and Mace. Ali then told them to attack the Hurt Business and they heeded his order.

Here is an excerpt from Roy Nemer’s recap last night:

Ali goes to the outside of the ring and goes face to face with two members of Retribution. Ali turns around and he sides with Retribution as he smiles. Ali tells them to get The Hurt Business. A fight breaks out as Retribution beat up on The Hurt Business. Ali gets in the ring as he stands in front of Retribution.

You can also view a live reaction to Ali joining RETRIBUTION last night on the special live watch along celebrating Wrestleview Post-Raw’s 100th episode.

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