Rocky Jimenez sent this in:

I was trying to check out some of the WWE Games on Demand on Xbox Live, and saw the page for WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011. I went through the list of all the Avatar add-ons, when I saw two game add-ons that I was sure some of the readers on here would like to know about.

The first was the Online Axxess (of course The E went there). This is mainly for those who will either rent the game before buying, or for those who wait until it is on the Pre-Played shelves. Not only does it give you access to the WWE Live Community, where you can participate in awesome matches including a Royal Rumble, as well as Community Creations (CAWs, Intros, Storylines, ect.), but it also includes a download to get Chris Masters, a “devil” attire for Kelly Kelly, and Rey Mysterio’s “Day of the Dead” attire.

The other add-on is the Fan Axxess. It gives the player the “All Unlockables” and “WWE Superstar Attribute Customizer” in-game store items, as well a special “customizable” Xbox Live Leaderboard Fan Axxess Badge. Nothing else is included, but it is priced at 800 Microsoft Points ass a “discounted pre-payment” for future purchases.

I know there isn’t much, but if your already pumped for this game like I am, then you know know that this is worth it!