SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

credit: wrestlingobserver.com

The show for Friday was about creating Team Smackdown for Bragging Rights:

Rey Mysterio b Cody Rhodes to be the second member (after Show)

Kaval wanted to be on Team Smackdown. Big Show told him he could get on the team if he could last 5:00 with him.

Jack Swagger b MVP with the ankle lock to be the third member

Alberto Del Rio b Chris Masters to be the fourth member

Edge b Dolph Ziggler to be the fifth member

Kaval lasted 5:00 with Big Show. He was about to lose but time ran out. Kaval became the sixth member

Tyler Reks b Kaval clean to take his spot

Kofi Kingston b Drew McIntyre to become the final member

Show ended with Kane & Paul Bearer doing an interview. They were running down Undertaker building up the Buried Alive match. Undertaker then came out and attacked Kane while Bearer ran off. Kane ran off and did Kane’s pyro had gesture and now Undertaker can do Kane’s pyro. Lightning started coming from the arena roof trying to shoot down Kane & Bearer.

There is also an NXT angle where Goldust has agreed to marry Aksana so she doesn’t get deported that will likely bleed over onto Raw next week.

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