10/16 WWE Results: Denver, Colorado

Will Dunnam sent this report in:

The WWE show in Denver on 10/16/10 results

First Match: R- Truth defeats Justin Gabriel. After the match Wade Barrett told the crowd that he had banned John Cena from the event.

Match Two: Alberto Del Rio defeats Finlay.

Match Three: A 6 person Inter-gender tag team match between Santino and Kozlow with Melina defeating Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre with Layla (McCool in tow at ringside). Right before the match Teddy Long announced a dance off between the two teams. It doesn’t take much to figure out who won that one.

Match 4: Jack Swagger gets his rear end handed to him by Edge. The eagle gets speared again.

Match 5: The Undertaker comes to the ring and lays into Swagger. Jackie finally decides he’s had enough and leaves. This match is announced as a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. Undertaker and Kane battle but in the end there is no winner because Kane just kind of leaves after Swagger comes after Taker. Once more with feeling. Swagger is chokeslammed straight to China, and Taker stands in the ring for his blue light special.

Match Number 6: Sheamus defeats John Morrison. This was the best match of the night, and at 22 minutes it was the longest too. These guys have awesome chemistry and the war between power and speed in their matches is amazing. Before the match begins the “Ding” of the Raw GM sounds over the PA. Thankfully Michael Cole wasn’t there but Miss Ring Announcer stated the GM’s wishes, “Sheamus, I order you to get a sun tan.” The crowd of course went crazy.

Main Event: Wade Barrett versus Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. This was a quality match. Both guys fought hard, and at one point Barrett had the upperhand and hit the Wasteland on Orton. He pinned him for a 2.999999 count. The crowd was in a frenzy! But it was Orton who finally got the RKO to win the match.