Champion vs. Champion
WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan

Lots of grappling early on by Ziggler trying to ground Bryan. Bryan eventually starts to counter and bails to the outside. Ziggler puts Vickie in front of her to avoid an attack from Bryan. Bryan then leaps off the ring apron and catches Ziggler with a high knee. Big dropkick charge in the corner by Bryan on Ziggler. Ziggler starts working over the shoulder of Bryan. Very loud “LETS GO BRYAN” chant from the crowd in Minneapolis. Few roll up attempts by Bryan. Ziggler with a big inverted bodyslam on Bryan for a two count. Bryan attempts a comeback and Ziggler drops him back down on the mat on his head. Cole, Lawler and Striker are all taking shots at Vickie on commentary including that when she claps on Ziggler that her “arms jiggle.” Ziggler continues to work over Bryan and takes his back applying a body scissors and looking for a sleeper. Bryan catches Ziggler with a big boot, but misses a running charge in the corner. While discussing Bryan on commentary, Striker said not to forget what the other “W” in WWE stands for and that is what Bryan brings to this company every time he wrestles. Ziggler with a big snap fireman’s carry. Bryan with a jawbreaker on Ziggler. Ziggler misses a shot in the corner catching his head on the turnbuckle.

Bryan starts lighting up Bryan with a series of kicks to the legs and then a big kick to the face. Bryan with a big clothesline on Ziggler after flipping back over Ziggler in the corner. Bryan with a flying forearm to the face, cover and Ziggler kicks out after two. Bryan catches Ziggler with another big kick to the face and follows that with a big springboard missile dropkick. Hook of the leg and Ziggler again kicks out after two. Ziggler with a quick roll up, Bryan kicks out and then drops Bryan with a huge superkick. Ziggler attempts his inverted neckbreaker, but Bryan counters and catches Ziggler with another big kick. Ziggler crotches Bryan up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan then slides under Ziggler and crotches him up top. Bryan climbs up with Ziggler, takes his back, attempts a superplex, but Ziggler shifts his body in mid air and comes across Bryan with a cross body. Bryan kicks out of that and we get a few pin attempts by both. We then get a huge mid air collision between the two. Another close pinfall attempt by Ziggler on Bryan. Ziggler locks on a sleeper on Bryan and drops down to apply it more. Bryan reaches out and gets the bottom rope. Bryan locks on the LeBell Lock. Ziggler tires to fight it, but ends up tapping out.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Vickie Guerrero argues with the referee. The referee then sends both Guerrero and Ziggler to the back.

Backstage, The Miz and Alex Riley are watching the end of that match. Miz said he taught Bryan everything he knows and Team Raw is getting off to a great start tonight. Sheamus walks up and says no one is going to take orders from Miz tonight. CM Punk walks up and said Miz is barely Captain Crunch. Santino walks up and tells everyone to “chillax.” He wants to know where the snacks and beverages are. Punk said he knows Team Smackdown the best out of anyone and that he should be making the orders tonight. Santino wants an order of Sun Chips. Sheamus said he will kick anyone’s head off that gets in his face. Punk laughs. Everyone walks off except for Punk and Miz. Miz wants Punk’s help tonight so they can beat Team Smackdown because “they are awesome.” Punk laughs and seems to disagree.

* WWE Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Drew McIntyre are on their way out to the arena.