SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown for Friday

credit: f4wonline.com

Edge NC Alberto Del Rio – Nexus, minus Wade Barrett, who left last night for the European tour, did a run-in and laid out both men. David Otunga bragged that Nexus was taking over the show. It became a Raw vs. Smackdown theme as Kane, Rey Mysterio and Big Show ran in.

This led to Nexus vs. Edge & Del Rio & Show & Kane & Mysterio, however with Mysterio being injured, they shot an angle later in the show where Nexus beat him down. Long then announced Kofi Kingston as the replacmeent.

Dolph Ziggler b JTG – This was to set up Vickie Guerrero vs. Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn celebrated with Ziggler and Guerrero slapped her. This led to a pull-apart and a match challenge.

Vickie Guerrero demanded to Long that they have a match on this show.

MVP beat Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre in a three-way to get a shot at Ziggler’s title. Rhodes and McIntyre started as a unit but broke up again.

Vickie Guerrero b Kaitlyn

Kaval congratulated MVP on his win, so Nexus beat down Kaval and MVP

Tyler Reks b Chris Masters

Team Smackdown beat Team Nexus when Edge pinned Otunga after a spear. The main angle was Del Rio walking out on Team Smackdown.

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