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From Michael Grote at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio:

– Hornswoggle came to shoot t-shirts into the crowd in between the Superstars and Smackdown tapings.

– The show starts with DX. Triple H starts to talk then Rey Mysterio came out to say Michaels disrespected because he will win the title and go to Mania. CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serrena interrupt them.

– Teddy Long changed it to HBK vs. Rey Mysterio and Punk vs. Triple H instead of the tag title match.

– Triple H defeated CM Punk by DQ when Serrena and Gallows interfere. They go to shave Triple H’s hair but HBK makes the save.

– R-Truth pinned Chris Jericho after a missed codebreaker.

– Drew McIntyre defeated John Morrison – good match with kendo sticks and in the crowd action.

– Michelle McCool calls out Mickie James.. her music plays and its Layla in a fat suit. McCool over ‘Piggy James’ in a quick match. Fans chanted ‘this is boring.’

– Batista confronts HBK and says he should stay out of his way. Triple H said ‘or else what.’

– HBK and Rey Mysterio went to a no contest when Batista hit HBK then Rey. Triple H came out and to help, then Underatker came out and chokeslammed Mysterio and HBK. Jericho attacked Taker. Straight Edge Society came out. Batista left limping and didn’t go up to the ramp.

Dark Match:
– Undertaker and DX defeated Chris Jericho, Luke Gallows and CM Punk.

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