WWE United States Championship
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Ted DiBiase w/ Maryse

Michael Cole said Daniel Bryan’s music was “nerd music.” Lock up and Bryan goes to work on DiBiase’s left arm. The lights dim for some reason as Bryan gets an armbar takedown on DiBiase. Bryan catches DiBiase with a big kick to the gut as he hit the ropes and charged. DiBiase responds tossing Bryan out of the ring. Maryse smiles. DiBiase goes for a quick cover and gets a two count after tossing Bryan back in the ring. Bryan responds with two big uppercuts, kicks to the body, but DiBiase tosses him down hard and gets in some big right hands. DiBiase with a headlock on Bryan. Bryan fights to his feet, but DiBiase tosses him back and drops Bryan’s back over his knee. Huge standing dropkick by DiBiase that drops Bryan. Cover and Bryan again kicks out after two. Loud “DANIEL BRYAN” chant. Bryan with a float over and launches DiBiase into the corner with a huge dropkick. Bryan with body kicks to DiBiase. Bryan with another float over and drops DiBiase with a flying clothesline. DiBiase catches Bryan with a big kick to the face. Bryan responds tossing DiBiase over the top rope, hits the ropes and takes out DiBiase with a big suicide dive. Bryan favors his shoulder as he gets to his feet. Bryan tosses DiBiase back in the ring and goes up to the top turnbuckle.

Bryan with a huge missile dropkick on DiBiase, cover and DiBiase kicks out after two. Bryan with big kicks to the chest of DiBiase. DiBiase blocks another attempt, but Bryan gets a small package for a close two count. DiBiase counters a LeBell Lock attempt into a huge clothesline that sends Bryan flipping backwards. DiBiase with a cover and another two count. DiBiase with a big sitdown powerbomb for another two count on Bryan. DiBiase puts Bryan up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan slides under the legs of DiBiase crotching up on the top turnbuckle. Bryan is back up with DiBiase and drops DiBiase with a huge super-back-plex. Bryan again favors his shoulder, covers, DiBiase kicks out and Bryan attempts another LeBell Lock attempt. DiBiase counters out and catapults Bryan face first into the steel ring post. DiBiase with a rollup for a two count. Bryan then counters and locks on the LeBell Lock. DiBiase taps out.

Winner and STILL WWE United States Champion: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Michael Cole added, “He keeps winning. I don’t get it.” Maryse can’t believe Ted DiBiase lost. They showed a replay of a few matches leading to the finish. The back-super-plex had a ton of impact. Back live, Daniel Bryan heads up the ramp celebrating with his title when The Miz appears taking out Bryan with the help of Alex Riley. Miz and Riley hit the ring. Miz apologizes for interrupting since he “respects” Daniel Bryan so much, but he has something to say. The lights dim again for some reason. When they come back on, Miz says, “Thank you. That is better.” Miz said he proudly comes from Cleveland, Ohio and calls the Miami Heat overrated. He calls Lebron James a traitor. Miz adds that he is tired of carrying around his “Money in the Bank” briefcase and that it is only a matter of time before he cashes in.

We see video from the “Old School” Raw on Monday with Sheamus attacking Vladimir Koslov and Santino. We then see John Morrison coming to the rescue of Santino. Backstage, Josh Mathews is with Sheamus. Sheamus said he isn’t a bully and that Morrison is just jealous that he is a former WWE Champion and that Morrison never will be. He promises to break Morrison’s will and body.

* Sheamus vs. John Morrison is up next.