Rosie Ugliuzza passed along this recap:

John Pollack of Live Audio Wrestling recently spent a few minutes with Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson, and in five brief minutes, squeezed in some interesting questions.

Will He Wrestle Again? ?I wouldn?t rule out going back if the match is right, and we could create something that’s really unique and really cool for the fans, and for me, and whoever my opponent may be, and for the company?But I think right now we?ll go back, I can host it, we can do a lot of cool things even within with me hosting. It gives me a platform when I host to go out and be creative, and literally rip things open. I could take the creativity over here, down there, 15,000 feet up in the air, there’s so much stuff we could do.?

On John Cena, and Raw’s PG Rating: ?I?ve never been interested in wrestling John Cena in any way?The guys who I wrestled in the past, from Goldberg to Hogan to Austin and guys like that, were guys who I really wanted to wrestle. So I really have no interest in wrestling John Cena. But if it can be done creatively, not only that, again it’s got to be very unique?If in fact I do ever go back [to wrestle], the writing has to be ripped open. It has to really be pushed. That’s important to me?When I was there it was an Attitude era where we trail-blazed a lot, and we were fearless in the things we said and the things we did, which always made it so much fun for me. There’s a lot of restrictions now on the product, which by the way, I understand. And I enjoy some of the stuff that I see?It would be an interesting collision between the Attitude time that I loved being a part of, and the time now. But I?m sure we could always infuse things and make it work.?

On Bret Hart’s Return: ?I?m not shocked that he came back. I?ve known Bret for a long time. Our families have known each other for a long time. I?m not shocked at all. But here’s the thing with Bret, which I admire by the way: He was very steadfast in his beliefs, and how he wanted to return, and whenever that was. So I?m not surprised that he’s back. He loves wrestling.?

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