Devin Cutting sent this in:

The December 25th, 2010 edition of WWE Vintage Collection featured these matches & segments:

* The Bushwhackers visiting Santa Claus (Gene Okerlund) from WWF Wrestling Challenge on December 24th, 1988
* Gorilla Monsoon & Roddy Piper interviewing Santa Claus (Bobby Heenan) from WWF Prime Time Wrestling on December 25th, 1989
* Santa Claus interviewing Bret Hart from WWF Survivor Series 1992
* The Berzerker vs. Bret Hart from the WWF TV taping on October 13th, 1992
* Vince McMahon interviewing Shawn Michaels from WWF Raw on December 19th, 1994
* The British Bulldog vs. Tatanka from WWF Raw on December 26th, 1994
* Santa Claus & The Million Dollar Man attacking Savio Vega from WWF In Your House on December 17th, 1995
* Xanta Klaus vs. Scott Taylor from WWF Superstars on December 23rd, 1995
* Steve Austin confronting Santa Claus from WWF Raw on December 15th, 1997
* Kevin Kelly interviewing The Rock from WWF Raw on December 24th, 2000
* The Undertaker vs. The Rock from WWF Raw on December 22nd, 1997

Also shown was a TV commercial from the 1990’s with WWF superstars as fake Santas in a police lineup.

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