1/7 WWE Results: Augusta, Georgia

Chris Cushman sent this report in:

I attended the Raw house show in Augusta, Ga and it was an awesome show. I got there early to try to get some autographs and catch some of the wrestlers coming in. The first I saw pull in were the Uso’s and Tamina, who didn’t pay us any attention. Then Jaime Noble pulled in and went straight inside. Next was Mark Henry and Primo. Mark Henry just waived at first, but then decided he would take a picture with a kid. As he was trying to do so, the security guard, (who up to this point was being a jerk), held the kid back saying he couldn’t pass this line, even though it was only a foot from where Henry was standing. Henry quickly put the security guard in his place and posed for the pic. Next in was Gail Kim, David Hart Smith, and Alicia Fox, who also ignored us. Next was Finlay, who was able to sneak again when the next car, with Justin Roberts, Yoshi Tatsu, Zack Ryder, and John Morrison, pulled in. John Morrison was great as he signed for everybody and posed for pics with anyone who wanted them. He was the only one to do this. Next up Nexus pulled in and went straight in the building. At this point I decided to head towards the door to get in.

Pretty good crowd tonight and they were loud for most of the night. Justin Roberts and Charles Robinson came out and they played the National Anthem. On to the opening contest.

Match 1). Daniel Bryan defeated Ted Dibiase (with Maryse) and Primo in a triple threat match for the US Title. Great match. Got the crowd hot from the get go. Everyone was really behind Bryan. Was a little surprised to see Primo in the match, but he put on a good show as well. Finish saw Maryse interfere, which brought out the Bella Twins to chase her to the back. Bryan then locks on the LeBell on Dibiase for the win. Bryan then celebrates with The Bellas before heading to the back.

Match 2). R-Truth defeated Alberto Del Rio in a Raw vs. Smackdown match. Pretty good match. Del Rio cuts a good heel promo before the match and the sneak attacks Truth. Truth wins by hitting his version of the scissors kick on Del Rio. Truth’s intro was way over.

Match 3). Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov defeated The Uso’s in a tag team title match. Santino got a nice pop and the crowd was into him the whole match. There was even a couple of Koslov chants. Lots of comedy spots as you would imagine. Santino and Koslov win with Santino hitting a double cobra on both Uso’s.

Match 4). Yoshi Tatsu defeated Zack Ryder. Before the match could start, the anonymous gm sent a message that there would first be a dance contest with the crowd picking the winner. Ryder went first and got a few chuckles from the crowd. Tatsu then did a karate type dance. Of course Tatsu wins. Ryder then grabs the mike and says he came here to fight, not to dance bro. He threw down the mike and Tatsu connected with a kick to the head and the three count, and it was over that fast.

Match 5). Gail Kim and Tamina defeated Maryse and Alicia Fox. It took the crowd a little while to get into this one, and I heard a few boring chants, which was unfortunate because this was actually a pretty good match. I think they were disappointed that there was no Melina, or Eve, or Natalya, or Laycool. Finish saw Tamina hit the Superfly splash off the top rope on Tamina.

Match 6). John Morrison defeated King Sheamus in a street fight. This was a Augusta’s choice match, as we could chose between a street fight or a 2 out of 3 falls match, The crowd went with the street fight. This was a good match which saw the use of chairs and a kendo stick. Morrison picks up the win. Intermission: Roberts brings The Bella twins back out to help him throw out some T shirts.

Match 7). David Hart Smith defeated Tyson Kidd. Good match with Hart doing his hold them in the air suplex from the second rope, which was impressive. Hart wins with the sharpshooter.

Match 8). CM Punk (with David Otunga, Michael McGillicutty, and Husky Harris) defeated Mark Henry. Punk cut a promo like only he could do, with Otunga grabbing the mike to tell everyone to shut up and listen to Punk. Punk wins, after Henry takes down the interfering Nexus members, by landing a knee to the head followed by a kick to the head. After the match was over, Nexus attacked Henry which led to Santino, Kozlov, R-truth, Tatsu, and Daniel Bryan running out to make the save.

Match 9). WWE Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley) defeated Randy Orton. Orton got a huge pop. Good back and forth match which teased both men hitting there finishers. Finish came when Riley distracted Orton long enough for Miz to land the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Match 10). Randy Orton defeated Alex Riley in a No Holds Barred Match. After the end of the main event, the gm sent another message, this one sending The Miz to the back and ordering Riley into this match. Not sure why it was No Holds Barred as in only lasted a minute, with Orton hitting the RKO for the victory. After the match Orton posed in the corners and shook hands with the fans. Over all a great show that was very enjoyable. I couldn’t believe how many matches there were, even if 2 of them were quick. Everyone was disappointed that there was no Cena, as a lot of people were wearing his gear. Good show and I cant wait to go back.

Biggest Pops: 1). Orton 2). Santino 3). Truth, Morrison, Bryan (tie)

Biggest Heat: 1). Miz 2). Punk 3). Sheamus