According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there was said to be more talk this week about Triple H taking more control at upcoming WWE TV tapings under his new role as a “Senior Advisor” under Vince McMahon. The belief is that he will get a much better feel this year of how things will operate when he is more in charge.

It should be noted that Stephanie McMahon isn’t traveling nearly as much as she used to spending more time raising her three children. While she remains on call, she isn’t in the office as much, isn’t traveling to TV as much and the belief is that it could be inevitable that Triple H could be the one running the company instead of her if and when Vince decides to step away with full power.

While that doesn’t seem like anything that would happen anytime soon, many are treating Triple H’s new role as a “transition period” within the company. Many sources have described the TV taping environments as being much more pleasant with Triple H running the show with little last minute changes to booking. It should also be noted that during this transition period, Michael Hayes and Brian Gewirtz seem to have more power with Stephane not being involved as much as she was in the past.