Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia was interviewed by Scott Fishman for The Miami Herald. On the subject on leaving WWE, “I miss the fans tremendously and miss my co-workers, but I was really exhausted from being on the road for 10 years straight. I really wanted to focus on my music. I mean I got married the week after I left. So I didn’t want to start my marriage off by being on the road all the time,” Garcia said.

On a possible return to WWE? “I say, ‘Never say never,’” Garcia said. “Look at The Rock now. It is something that I’m definitely tied to. Once you are in the WWE for a length of time, it’s a family base. You are tied in, no matter if you leave and take a break. Sometimes you come back; so you never know.”

On The Rock’s return: “I really didn’t think he would come back,” Garcia said. “I really thought with his movie career and all. I don’t blame him, though. It had been seven years. When he was making movies, he didn’t have that experience being with the fans and feeling that electricity from the fans. He thrives on that. It was having that experience again.