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PWO Star Matthew Justice Signs WWE Developmental Contract

PWO, Pro Wrestling Ohio, the most-watched professional wrestling promotion in Ohio, is proud to confirm and publicly announce the signing of Matt Hannan, professionally known as Matthew Justice, to a World Wrestling Entertainment developmental contract. Matt will be re-locating to Florida imminently to embark on the next chapter of his career. All of us in PWO are immensely proud of Matt for this accomplishment, and wish him nothing but the best.

Matt is a bona-fide home-grown PWO original, having competed in Pro Wrestling Ohio since almost the very beginning of his career. Matt trained in Cleveland and debuted in 2007, showcasing an array or aerial maneuvers and a high-energy persona that immediately registered with fans old and young alike. Mere months after his debut, PWO was formed and Matt was selected to be a part of the inaugural PWO talent roster.

After a rather dubious start, Matt truly found his niche six months into PWO when he formed a tag team with “Bloody” Morty Rackem as part of Rackem’s rivalry with V-Squared, Virus & Virus Grande, culminating in a high-risk Ladder Match, in which Justice & Rackem were victorious. The match received rave reviews, and even spawned a re-match (this time featuring three teams) later that year at the first-ever “PWO Wrestlelution”.

Justice & Rackem continued to reign as a formidable team, however after many months of chasing the PWO Tag Team Titles, frustrations set in. Rackem’s constant insistence that Justice live a more ruthless “cut-throat” like style led to a rift between the two, as Justice refused to take shortcuts to make it to the top. The rift led in Rackem viciously assaulting Justice, thus ending the team. Justice would gain revenge by defeating Rackem in a “Pirate Rules” match at PWO’s signature event “PWO Wrestlelution 2: A Coming of Age”.

Following that victory, Justice gained momentum and waged battle with rising stars such as “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross, Michael Facade, and others, but soon found himself off of the PWO radar. It was clear Justice needed to take himself to the next level in order to rise up to compete with the level of competition in front of him. As a result, the “One Man Militia” was born.

“One Man Militia” Matthew Justice was like a man reborn. More focused, more energized, more determined than ever before, and in the best physical shape of his life. With new-found motivation, Justice waged war with top PWO stars like Facade, Krimson, Bobby Beverly, and even formed a brief alliance with the legendary Raven. Outside of PWO, Justice attended numerous wrestling camps and seminars in order to hone his skills, competed on a number of televised and untelevised WWE live events, and also expanded upon his interests outside the ring, using his love of heavy metal music to appear in a music video for the band Mushroomhead this past year.

Earlier this month, news officially broke that Matt was offered a WWE developmental contract. While PWO certainly does not have the billion-dollar budgets, the Hollywood credentials, or the global visibility, we at PWO do strive to have just as much heart, passion, energy, and emotion in everything we do, as any other wrestling organization today. We possess a young, hungry, talented roster who are hungry to reach their full potential and strive to be as great as they can be. This opportunity for Matthew Justice lends further credence to that philosophy, and no matter where Matt’s career takes him, he will always be an integral part of the PWO family.

Matt’s final PWO matches will air over the next several weeks on PWO TV, seen Sunday nights at 10:00 PM EST on SportsTime Ohio. SportsTime Ohio is available throughout Ohio and into surrounding states, and also available nationwide via premium sports packages. Call your cable or satellite provider to find out if you can get SportsTime Ohio. PWO TV is also available online each week at This Sunday night on PWO TV, see Matt’s encounter with former World Champion Raven!

Footage of Matthew Justice in PWO:

Matthew Justice Undergoes “Cut Throat Training” –
Morty Rackem Turns On Matthew Justice –
Kirst & Matthew Justice Discuss “PWO Pressure Rising” ––1fsRELQ


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