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Roddy Piper on the Airwaves in Atlanta

Miz Making the Media Rounds in Atlanta

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Extreme Wrestlemania Party w/ Sandman, Pitbull, and Tod Gordon

Join The Sandman, Pitbull Gary Wolf, and Tod Gordon THIS SUNDAY at the Penthouse club and get a complimentary viewing of WrestleMania along with autographs, photographs, surprise guests, and the hottest dancers anywhere in Philadelphia.

Festivities start THIS SUNDAY, April 3 at 6 pm.

The Penthouse Club is located at 3001 Castor Ave in Philadelphia, PA. For more information on The Penthouse Club,

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Thought I’d pass along that Jimmy Korderas and I have made a “WrestleMania LookBack” podcast for every WrestleMania, 1-26. We have watched them all and talk about them at length (not results Wikipedia style but forgotten moments, WrestleMania moemnts, etc)

Also, since Jimmy has referee’d at 14 of them, he tells stories surrounding that WrestleMania, including:

– How he and Joey Marella broke the “Battle Royal” trophy at WrestleMania 4
– Teaching Robert Goulet the Canadian national anthem at WrestleMania 6
– Being hot that he didn’t referee a main card match at WrestleMania 13
– Being asked to referee Edge vs Undertaker in the main event of WrestleMania 24

And much more!

All the LookBacks are found here:

Thank you!

R.A.W. Radio

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Here is the first of my special correspondent articles I told I would have with photos. Sgt. Slaughter and Piper are on stage, pass it on and THANK YOU

Roddy Piper @ Punchline Comedy w/ Photos

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Shawn Michaels interview on Fox’s Good Day Atlanta today