Brian Soscia sent this in:

WWE’s Justin Gabriel called into The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philly. Not a lot is known about Gabriel, but Soscia finds it all out.

For the interview:

They talk about:

-Kelly Kelly.
-Justin Gabriel being a 2nd generation wrestler, his father’s gimmick and what he feels he learned from his Dad.
-When will he appear on Zack Ryder’s Z: True Long Island Story?
-How long he’s been wrestling.
-What the adjustment was like coming from South Africa to America.
-Why he uses the name Justin Gabriel and who chose his name?
-What it was like leading up to the big Nexus debut angle when they tore up the ring.
-How Vince told them to approach the angel.
-The first season of NXT is talked about.
-What it was like hitting the 450 splash on Vince McMahon and what Vince said to Justin afterwards?
-Why does the Corre have 2 R’s?
-Was their any jealousy towards the NXT cast b/c they were pushed so fast?
-What inspired going from clean shaven to the beard? for the interview!