The Sun in the UK is featuring quotes from a recent interview with WWE star CM Punk from Fighting Spirit Magazine where he comments on his match with Randy Orton from Wrestlemania 27 and getting positive comments about it from various wrestling legends.

“I hate everything I do when I watch stuff back, so I don’t tend to generally watch my matches again, but I did watch that one and I liked it. Obviously there were a few things I wish I had done a little different, but it will hold-up over time. For me, the highest praise was having the so-called ‘old timers’ tell me that they liked it. Bret Hart went out his way to call me up and tell me how much he liked it. Randy’s Dad (Bob Orton Jr) loved it, as did Bob Armstrong. So much of wrestling’s history said it was good, and that it was the match of the night. Hell, they could be blowing smoke my ass, but I’ll take it anyway.”

Full interview:
Punk: I wouldn’t change a thing