Highlights from the WWE conference call held earlier today.

* Vince McMahon said that while business would be flat if you exclude Wrestlemania 27, he was still proud of the second quarter earnings.

* He said the company is considering rolling out additional programming and even hinted a one-hour show airing prior to Monday Night Raw.

* Vince stated that July’s Money in the Bank PPV looks to be up 20 percent from last year and that the company appears to be bouncing back in the Pay Per View department.

* In an update on the planned WWE Network, Vince said they have meetings coming up this week about the project.

* When a caller asked about the company getting a “nice bump” from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appearing, Vince said they have plans to have him appear at multiple PPV events beyond Wrestlemania 28.

* A caller asked if they were concerned about UFC starting up their own network and if they had any concern. Vince said they are in two different industries stressing that WWE is in the entertainment business.

* The Wrestlemania 28 travel packages selling out in two days was touted with Vince noting that it was a strong indication for the demand of Wrestlemania and how in the past it took months to sell out.

* When asked if they would ever consider going private again, Vince quickly responded saying no.

* Barrios stated something new would happen with NXT and Superstars in the third or fourth quarter.

* Vince was asked about his recent meeting with UFC President Dana White saying it was more social than anything else.

Source: Prowrestling.net