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Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of theScore Television Network sat down with former WWE Superstar Edge. highlights:

Thoughts on ‘Edge Appreciation Night’
“Every time I hear it Kind of cringe, really? Seems embarrassing. I don’t even know what an appreciation night is… I’m worried they will get my high school English teacher of my girlfriend from the seventh grade, like ‘Edge This is your Life'”

How often does Edge want to hear the roar of the crowd moving forward?
“At SummerSlam I was thinking ‘If I never hear this again I’m good. I think I’d rather be home.’ I am thankful that I’m able to come out in Toronto, but if this is the last time you ever see me again I’m cool with that. I never have to be called Edge again, I will be absolutely OK with that”

What tickets he received from WWE in exchange for appearing on Smackdown in Toronto

Whether or not he would have wanted one more rivalry with Christian before he retired
“That’s the only regret I have, because I did want (one more rivalry with Christian). I had a perfect sendoff, being World Heavyweight champion at WrestleMania. That’s ridiculously great. But it would have been nice to wrestle Christian at WrestleMania in Toronto as my last match. But it’s not possible and it wasn’t in the cards.”

Which Randy Orton vs Christian match did Edge enjoy the most?

Edge on Canada’s Walk of Fame?

Moments in Edge’s career that he appreciates the most

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