Brian Soscia sent this in.

Jack Swagger called into the Soscia Network Radio Show (@THEBrianSoscia on Twitter) in Philly to promote RAW in Philly on December 19th.

We talked about a ton of stuff:

-His college days.
-How Jim Ross took notice of him in college and what he said to him about getting into the business.
-His time in time in Deep South, O.V.W. and F.C.W. developmental
-How long did it take him to catch on?
-Teaming with the late Dr. Death Steve Williams.
-Who is the best guy he ever stepped in the ring with?
-How he feels about Bret Hart saying he is one of his favorites.
-Money in the Bank memories and how it felt to be that high on the ladder.
-His TV father Bunkhouse Buck!
-He also talks about his theme song.