Florida Championship Wrestling Results
November 21, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with the FCW recap. If you all are ready, strap on a seatbelt, and let’s get on with the show!

Video is shown highlighting last week’s post match brawl to close the show between Husky Harris and Richie Steamboat, who will meet in a No Holds Barred Match in this week’s main event.

Our announcers this week are Matt Martlaro & WWE Hall of Famer “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.

FCW Tag Team Champions CJ Parker & Donny Marlow defeated Brad Maddox & Briley Pierce by pinfall when Parker pinned Pierce with a fall forward DDT.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Pretty decent tag team match to kick things off. Parker & Marlow work well as a babyface tag team, but definitely need to switch up their look, especially Parker with the puffy hair and the tie-dye tights, looks a little too indy for my taste. Maddox was good as the scumbag heel to his partner Pierce, who looked solid in only his 2nd match in FCW. All 4 guys gave a good effort for a decent opening contest.

Leakee defeated Corey Graves (Sterling James Keenan) w/Leah West by pinfall with a Samoan Drop.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good match between these two. Leakee continues to show great strides as a babyface, with his selling and charisma, and for the first time that I have gotten a chance to see the work of Graves aka Sterling James Keenan as he was known on the indies, I was impressed by his work. I would say he may need to get a little bit more build to him, because his current look I think won’t make him believable as a heel, but he was solid in his match. West did an alright as a manager, but I think she is better suited to be a performer in the Divas division then as a second. Overall though, a good match by these two, would recommend checking it out.

Briley Pierce interviews Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger, who is interrupted by Abraham Washington, who challenges Kruger for a match next week for Kruger’s Florida Heavyweight Title, in which Kruger accepts.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Nice promo exchange between these two. Both are very comfortable in delivering their promos, and Kruger, since winning the Florida Heavyweight Title, has done a really good job carrying himself as the champion with his presence and demeanor.

We go to the back where FCW General Manager Maxine is speaking with her assistant, Norman Smiley, who says that William Regal was asking if he can be added to the 6 man tag later tonight so he can have 1 more chance to face Dean Ambrose. Maxine says she doesn’t see it happening at Regal’s age, to which Smiley says he will bring Regal over to her office to speak with her personally about it. Aksana comes in and complains about Richie Steamboat having to compete in a No Holds Barred Match against Husky Harris and thinks he deserves a title shot. Maxine says if Steamboat beats Harris tonight, she will consider it. They embrace as Aksana has that devilish look on her face.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Decent segment to continue the Maxine/Regal/Ambrose and Aksana/Steamboat/Harris storylines.

Big E. Langston defeated Kevin Hackman (Andy from Tough Enough) by pinfall with the Big Ending(Fall Out Powerslam). After the match, James Bronson came out as he and Langston shared a smile, then Bronson attacked Hackman and put him in the Death Wish armbar before officials pulled Bronson off of Hackman.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: OK match here, Langston looked good, but Hackman still is very green and still moves very awkward in the ring. The post-match with Bronson however though, Hackman sold very well with the glassy eyed face while he was in the Death Wish submission by Bronson. Bronson continues to show a lot of potential as this shootfight monster, and Langston continues to impress with his cocky big man style. Good effort by Langston & Bronson, and for the 1st time, Hackman showed me he still has something left in him as a talent.

FCW 15 Champion Damien Sandow, Mr. Antonio Cesaro & Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins, Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman by submission when Ambrose made Bateman submit to the Regal Stretch.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Pretty well worked 6 man tag. Everyone looked good here except for Curtis, who just continues to give me no reason why he has any business to be on the WWE main roster. Sandow and Cesaro were solid, Rollins looked decent, and Bateman did a really good job as the hot tag. I have no idea why he is a heel on NXT, because he works so much better as a babyface, has so much natural charisma its ridiculous. Ambrose did a great job in progressing his rivalry with William Regal by mocking Regal with finishing off Bateman with the Knee Trembler & Regal Stretch, to mocking Regal’s mannerisms in such a “F You” manner. Ambrose’s character is so good at getting under the skin off people, even when he is beat, he always has the last laugh. That is what makes good heels work, and Ambrose is a clear product of that. Good stuff.

Main Event in a No Holds Barred Match: Husky Harris defeated Richie Steamboat by pinfall after hitting Steamboat with a trash can in the parking lot. After the match, Harris put Steamboat in the back of a pick-up truck and drove off with an unknown driver as the show came to a close.

FLORIDA FEEDBACK: Good brawl, but a complete Husky carry job. Steamboat is just not good at anything he does, it is just so brutal to watch. He is not believable as a heel, he cannot brawl to save his life, he to me is the John Morrison of FCW, but worse. A lot of steak, but no sizzle to him at all. Steamboat IMO is only there because of who his dad was, and that’s it. He brings nothing else to the table. Husky did his best here to make the match as good as it could be, and I think he succeeded. Nice cliffhanger with the unknown driver to continue this feud, and it was a good for what it was, but make no mistake about it, Husky carried this one clear as day.

Overall, good episode of FCW this week. The wrestling was for the most part, pretty good and they did a nice job to continue storylines, so all in all, a good show I would recommend watching.

My Grade: B

Well, that will do it for this week’s trek to the land of the Sunshine State. Hope you all enjoyed yourself and I will be back next week for more F-C-W!