Florida Championship Wrestling Results
March 12, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

Your announcers are Chris Russo & William Regal.

CJ Parker & Jason Jordan def. Big E. Langston & Alexander Rusev by pinfall when Parker pinned Rusev with a La Magistral.

Before the next match, Byron Saxton comes out with his arm still in a sling. He tells Kenneth Cameron, who is the ring, that he is sorry, but that he is still not medically cleared to compete, so they won’t be having their match tonight. However, he has found a suitable replacement, that being one Colin Cassady, leading to……

Colin Cassady w/Byron Saxton def. Kenneth Cameron by pinfall with a big boot after Saxton interfered and nailed Cameron from behind.

Audrey Marie def. Sofia Cortez by pinfall with a spinning side slam.

After the match, Paige (Britani Knight) & Raquel Diaz run in and along with Cortez, they all attack Marie. The assault continues until Kaitlyn runs in to make the save.

We go to the interview area where we see the debut of one Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero). Ohno introduces himself, but says that he does not plan on being in FCW long because he has plans to become a WWE superstar. He says the scouting reports say he concusses with his kicks and he KOs with his elbows. What the scouting reports didn’t say and what people don’t realize is the joy it brings him to knock out his opponents. Anyone can get a lucky cradle or submission, but it takes a man with real power to knock someone out. That puts a smile on my face. Next week, we will see that power. Next week, the FCW Universe will see Kassius Ohno.

We then go to the ring where Norman Smiley & FCW President Steve Keirn is in there and Keirn calls FCW General Manager Maxine to the ring. Steve tells Maxine that it has been a great show. However, there are a few things that have come to his attention that are a little disturbing. He says that Maxine has hired a psychiatrist and everyone on the roster has been telling him their thoughts and secrets. Maxine says that she was told to do that. Steve says that James Bronson isn’t a doctor and he is a bully. Steve tells Maxine that FCW does not revolve around Maxine and her ideas. Steve tells Maxine to turn over all of the notes and personal things that James Bronson has prepared and he wants her to turn it over to Norman. Norman tells Maxine that she is fired, and then he dances. Norman and Steve leave the ring and Maxine is in shock in the center of the ring.

Main Event for the Florida Heavyweight Title: Leo Kruger def. Mike Dalton(c) to regain the title with the sleeper.

My Thoughts

A solid show this week, with more of a focus on beginning & ending an array of storylines.

The opening tag match was decent as I thought Parker & Jordan worked very well together as a team. Liked Parker’s babyface fire off the hot tag and Jordan did a decent enough job as a FIP. Langston was solid, however again Rusev didn’t do anything for me and was very mediocre.

Cameron and Cassady had an OK match, but as I said before, Cassady’s build is not good for someone who is looking to be Byron Saxton’s new charge in FCW. Continue to be impressed by Cameron’s intensity and I did think Cassady somewhat improved in the ring on this occasion, but the lack of build to him is a big detriment to me.

The Divas match was not as bad as the atrocity they had last week, however that doesn’t mean it was any good either. Marie’s selling was horrible and this was another occasion where Cortez drew a blank and got lost in the middle of the match. Not bad, but not good either.

The promo by Hero(Yes, I’m saying Hero as I refuse to call him by that horrible name) was pretty good as a way to introduce him to the fans. Like they are keeping the “Young Knockout Kid” stuff with him and I am very interested in seeing how his 1st match turns out next week.

The Maxine firing was to be expected, given the fact they have been teasing the Summer Rae upheaval as well as the fact that to be honest, Maxine deserves to be full-time on the WWE roster. She is that good.

The main event told a good story as it the continued the Mike Dalton as a underdog deal and doing almost a Rocky story with Kruger playing Apollo Creed. Dalton was very good on the selling, but lacked a bit on the comeback. Kruger has gotten really good on his control segments and to me, is very much ready for a call-up. Good main event.

Overall, a very solid show this week from the crew down in Florida. Main Event I would recommend checking out.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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