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Dolph Ziggler: The Long and Winding Road
—————————————– scribe Maurice Kneisel recently essayed Dolph Ziggler’s unique ride to the top ranks of WWE, with Dolph himself discussing key moments such as his 11 minutes 23 seconds as World Champion:

“As much as it was fun to be in that match and become the champion, losing it a few minutes later is nothing against my legacy. I’m looking forward to proving myself and showing that I can be a long-term champion.”

Ziggler also revealed his confusion at receiving boos from the WWE Universe just a short time ago:

“I understand that I’m not well-liked, but I love going out there and proving that I’m better than everyone else every single night.”

The interview is part of the final edition of The Wrestling Press magazine, also included in this issue are articles on John Cena, Nigel McGuinness (Desmond Wolfe), Gorilla Monsoon, WWE in 2011, and more.

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