FCW Results – 3/19/12

Florida Championship Wrestling Results
March 19, 2011
Report by: Jason Namako of Wrestleview.com

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest trek to the land of the Sunshine State with this week’s FCW recap. If you all are ready, then let’s get on with the show!

James Bronson def. Dante Dash by submission with a version of the Tazmission.

Florida Heavyweight Champion Leo Kruger is at the interview area and says that he told everyone that he would win the title back. He talks about how people thought that Mike Dalton was the Rocky story of FCW, but he says that he is the true Rocky story of FCW.

Kaitlyn & Audrey Marie def. Paige & Sofia Cortez when Kaitlyn submitted Paige with a full nelson using her legs.

After the match, Paige and Sofia attacked Kaitlyn and Audrey. Caylee Turner came from the ring announcer position to help Kaitlyn and Audrey. Raquel Diaz then came out to help Paige and Sofia until the babyfaces cleared the heels from the ring.

We go to the back where Rob Naylor and Aiden English are talking. James Bronson enters the room and blames Naylor for everything that happened.

Kassius Ohno def. Xavier Woods by pinfall with the KO elbow.

Raquel Diaz is at the interview area where she wonders where her banner is and also asks why Audrey needed the help of Kaitlyn. Audrey comes out and attacks Raquel before being separated by officials. Audrey then breaks free and chases Raquel to the back.

Jake Carter and Corey Graves are in Summer Rae’s office and she says that she sees a big future for them. Maxine enters the office and says that she is not finished with Summer. Maxine then turns to Rob Naylor and slaps him.

Main Event for the FCW 15 Title: Richie Steamboat (c) def. Mr. Antonio Cesaro to retain the title. Each man earned one fall during the match and as a result of the tie, Steamboat retained. Cesaro got the first fall after a little more than four minutes in with a German suplex. Steamboat got his fall with a sunset flip powerbomb to counter a side suplex from the turnbuckles with about four minutes remaining in the 15 minute time limit.

After the match, Cesaro attacked Steamboat and took the championship medal. Cesaro celebrated while Steamboat was down, but Steamboat got up and when Cesaro turned around, Steamboat drilled him with a superkick and took his medal back to close the show.

My Thoughts

I thought this was a good episode of FCW this week.

Opening match was a complete and utter squash to get back over Bronson as the street fighter bully. Thought that was done pretty well, especially in the backstage vignette later on in the show.

The promos from Kruger & Diaz were both pretty good. Kruger was good as the cocky champion who rained on the parade of the underdog’s dream, while Diaz was good as the spoiled brat who wants it all but is never content until she gets things her way.

The Divas match was a way better effort than in recent weeks, although not case in point with Audrey Marie. Completely deadpan on the sell to the point where it was laughable. Paige & Cortez worked well as a team and Paige for a first time out, did really well on the control section, most notably with that nifty submission she put on Marie. Kaitlyn was extremely good off the hot tag and you could see some definite chemistry with her and Paige. All in all, solid Divas match and the post-match did a good job also at setting up an actual storyline for all of them going forward.

Hero’s debut against Woods was solid, but it lacked a little bit to me. I thought Woods got a little bit too much offense on Hero, while Hero I don’t think got enough. Hero did good, however, with showing off the striking ability and getting over the “KO” nature to him. But, for a debut, it was off a little bit to really help Hero get over.

The angle with Marie attacking Diaz after Diaz got involved after the Divas match was very well done. Marie did a good job at showing babyface fire and again, it did a good job of setting up an actual storyline for the FCW Divas for the future.

The main event was good, but unlike the Sandow matches, Steamboat seemed a bit off to me on the FIP and all-around babyface work. His offense was fine and Cesaro was solid on the control, but the fire and selling that I had saw from Steamboat in the Sandow matches was missing in a way here. Hopefully, he can pick it back up. Nothing wrong with the in-ring work, just wished that babyface work from Steamboat could have shown here because it would have made for a much better match.

Overall, good show as they did a good job in setting up new storylines, while the matches were OK to solid.

My Grade: C+

Well, that will do it for me this week, I want to thank you all for reading and I will be back next week, but remember…

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