Paul Heyman’s return to WWE during the 5/7 Monday Night Raw was meant to be kept a surprise until the last minute. According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the writing team was made aware of his involvement as Heyman was flown to Greensboro and hid out in a trailer all day (he even went as far as to tell some of his friends he was in New York). Vince McMahon reportedly only let WWE Champion CM Punk know about an hour before the show started in what was described as “strategic reasons” as Punk was told to send out a tweet that something worth watching would be on the show. McMahon told Punk to keep it quiet from everyone and then tweeted a photo of Heyman backstage moments before he showed up on TV. Big Show, who is one of Heyman’s good friends, reportedly wasn’t aware of anything until Heyman arrived at the arena.