Nicholas Cannella sent this report in.

5/12 WWE SmackDown House Show results from Newark, DE

1.) The Usos defeated Titus O’Neil & Darren Young when Jey pinned Young with the Splash off the top.

– Daniel Bryan cut a promo on the screen about how Newark is a dump of a city and talked about how he will beat Sheamus tonight to win back the World Hvt. Title. Yes! Yes! Yes!

2.) Jinder Mahal defeated Ezkiel Jackson with the Camel Clutch.

– A.J came out to say sorry and apologize for her actions recently flipping out in the ring and how Daniel Bryan really isn’t as bad as he seems to people.

3.) Natalya defeated A.J via DQ when A.J flipped out and jumped on Natalya to keep punching her until she was Disqualified. Bryan came out and told A.J he really appreciates her for being mad in the ring because of himself. Then Bryan stated that he would never go back with A.J ever again and told her to slap him right in the face, A.J walked off. Bryan Yes! Yes! Yes!

– Kane cut a promo on the screen and stated his match with Orton tonight will be No Holds Barred and that the WWE isn’t big enough for the both of them as he will beat Orton again like he did at WrestleMania.

4.) Ryback defeated Heath Slater with the Muscle Buster.

5.) Randy Orton defeated Kane in a No DQ Match when Orton kicked the chair into Kane’s face and hit the RKO for the win.

– Tony Chimel advertised the WWE Collector cups at the concession stands which brought out Bryan once again to only tell Chimel that he better be ready to announce him as the new World Hvt. Champ tonight. Yes! Yes! Yes!

6.) Yoshi Tatsu defeated Drew McIntyre with a roll through pin.

7.) The Big Show & Great Khali defeated IC Champion Cody Rhodes & Christian when Show pinned Cody after the Chokeslam.

8.) World Hvt. Champion Sheamus defeated Daniel Bryan with the Brogue Kick. Sheamus sold his shoulder injury very well during the match as Bryan kept attacking it. After wards Sheamus celebrated and greeted the fans ringside.

– This was a solid show but the card was changed up as it was advertised to be Sheamus vs Del Rio vs Bryan for the World Hvt. Title and Del Rio was a no show but it’s still good because the final match was entertaining. Other matches advertised were Cody Rhodes vs Big Show for the IC Title but it was the Tag Match instead. Orton vs Kane in a No DQ Match which was the only match advertised that happend.

Biggest pops:
Show & Khali
Bryan Yes! Yes! Yes! for some people.

Biggest Heat:
Bryan to some when he insulted the crowd.
Cody & Christian