Derrick Wyatt sent this report in:

My name is Derrick Wyatt, I am a long time fan of the site and have submitted info before. I’m currently stationed here at Joint Base Balad, Iraq where the WWE came and did their annual “Tribute to the Troops” christmas special today, Dec 4th, at noon. Here is a quick rundown of what happened:


Cryme Tyme came out first, not a match, just to thank us for what we do/kind words and got the crowd warmed up.

Soldiers sung the national anthem.

MVP defeated Chris Masters.


Video/Song Promo

Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry defeated Carlito and CM Punk. (both pinned simultaneously) *after the match, Rey Mysterio jumped from the ropes into the crowd. Then Mark Henry faked doing the same. Very entertaining opening bout start to finish.

Video/Song Promo

R-Truth was this years Santa…coming out with all the Divas, passing out shirts, belts, calanders etc. Divas were VERY hot in the sexy santa outfits

The Miz defeated John Morrison (pinned with feet on the ropes/ref didn’t see it….non-titles bout)

John Cena defeated Chris Jericho (*WWE Championship bout*…Cena was the very obvious crowd favorite). After the match, Cena spoke with the crowd for a couple minutes and then called all the stars back out…some come out that didn’t perform such as Finlay.

-Show Ends-

After the shows end, many of the wrestlers came into the crowd for pictures and autographs for about 20 minutes but we were then rushed to leave so they could clean up and there was going to be a photo/autograph op at 4pm. Shortly after 3, we’re told the time was changed to 6pm. They did show up at 6, but we were then informed they literally had to be on the plane in about 2 hours, so there was NO autographs and only 1 group photo shot with your camera if you had one. This was the only time I seen Vince…he didn’t come out during the show. In the days prior, the wrestlers were seen eating in the dfac/chow halls, shopping at the px’s (post exchanges) and taking the regular tour of the base. I was able to meet Chris Masters and Carlito, who talked/laughed and joked with me and my platoon for a good half hour. Thanks again from a big fan!

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