During an appearance on the One Wrestling Show, former WWE star Rory McAllister discussed how his tag team partner Robbie McAllister was very aware of the fact that he would be shown on television while attending the live TNA Impact in Orlando back in 2008 during the week of Wrestlemania 24.

“Yes, I knew he was going, and I knew what he was going to do too. He knew TNA was going to put him on screen, he knew he was going to be set up by Jarrett and, to be honest, I don’t think he cared because at that time we were so down on everything WWE. Robbie’s not a stupid guy, I know everyone said, ‘That was a dumb move.’ It wasn’t. He knew exactly what he was doing. One thing a wrestler knows is where the hard camera is, for him to be caught on Hard Cam, that wasn’t a stupid mistake. We both knew why he was going and knew our WWE careers were going to be coming to an end that night.”

Source: Prowrestling.net