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August 14th 2012
For Immediate Release
Irish Author’s Wrestling Novel endorsed by WWE legend Foley

Irish Author Paul O’Brien received a major boost this weekend when his novel “Blood Red turns Dollar Green” was endorsed by Wrestling Legend and 3 time WWE Champion, Mick “Mankind” Foley. O’Brien’s book, a crime fiction novel set in the US Pro-Wrestling industry in the 1970’s, was described by Foley as “a great wrestling novel” “something every wrestling fan will enjoy”.

Joining Paul O’Brien in Edinburgh last week, Foley said:

“Paul O’Brien has researched this world meticulously. I didn’t know what to expect but he’s really quite a writer. He has captured the feel of old-school professional wrestling territories almost perfectly. He really brings these characters to life. The action in the ring was the way it went down back then. And that ending. I’ve already asked him how long do I have to wait for more.

Foley, himself a five time New York Times bestselling author continued:

I’ve been thinking for a long time about writing a wrestling novel for quite sometime, but if I am going to do that then I’m going to have to set my sights really, really, high because of this book. It’s an awesome piece of work and I’m delighted to endorse it in any way I can.”

O’Brien says he hopes the book will appeal to fans and non-fans alike:

“Today’s Professional Wrestling is a shiny well oiled machine but back then it was anything but. It had a lawless feel to it, a shady quality. It’s was all cash, under the counter, run by a syndicate that no one could talk about. These men were Wiseguys way before anyone else. A reader described the book as ‘like if The Soprano’s got into the match fixing game.’
But to have a book endorsed by someone of Mick Foley’s stature is just a dream come true.

Mick is one of the people who took the Wrestling business from the era I depict in the book to the global mega-business it is today. For him to say what he has said is just an immense thrill, and I hope wrestling fans – and those non-fans who are interested in just a good crime story – will enjoy it as much as he did”.

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