WWE.com is featuring a new “where are they now” article with former announcer Todd Pettengill. The article notes that Pettengill is now hosting a morning talk show on 95.5 WPLJ in New York City. He also talked about getting approached for a job by WWE.

“”Mr. McMahon called me. He listened to the radio show and said, ‘You’re kind of funny, do you have any interest in coming up and auditioning for a job?’ I didn’t watch it as a kid. I’d see Mr. McMahon in his blue jacket once in a while, interviewing Andre the Giant, but I was never a huge fan growing up. He said, ‘That’s great, I want somebody who has an outside perspective, who can bring a different look to it. Mr. McMahon handed me a bottle of water and said, ‘Here, sell me this.’ That was my interview, I had to sell a bottle of water and convince people to drink it.”