– Footage of the bar fight WWE.com posted earlier today of Sheamus, William Regal, & Big Show is shown on the big screen.

– Sheamus calls Big Show out, who says that he held back in the fight just enough to leave something for Survivor Series. Wade Barrett came out and reminded Sheamus of their match on Main Event.

– Backstage Booker T booked Sheamus & Regal vs. Barrett & Show tonight.

– Kofi Kingston def. The Miz to retain the Intercontinental Title after a Flying Cross Body Block.

– Miz offered Kofi a handshake after the match but ate a dropkick from Kofi instead.

– Prime Time Players def. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara after O’Neil hit Rey with a Spinebuster.

– Matt Striker interviewed PTP after the match and they tried to get Striker to do the Millions of Dollars Dance.

– Big Show & Wade Barrett def. Sheamus & William Regal after Show hit Regal with the WMD.

– ADR cuts a promo on Orton and calls himself the new “Apex Predator.”

– Falls Count Anywhere: Randy Orton def. Alberto del Rio after Orton hit an RKO on ADR onto the ring steps.

Source: ProWrestling.net