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WWE STAR MASSIVE Snack Spree Before Hostess Closure

WWE star David Otunga isn’t taking any chances now that Hostess has announced it’s closing up shop — stocking up on EVERY POSSIBLE HOSTESS SNACK EVER on Friday — and TMZ has the heart-stopping picture to prove it.

Otunga — who’s ironically engaged to Weight Watchers spokeswoman Jennifer Hudson — tells TMZ he was devastated by the news Friday that Hostess is going out of business … so he scrambled to a Hostess outlet in Chicago to salvage whatever snacks he could.

But he was too late — the entire outlet was empty — so Otunga ran to his local supermarket instead, where he managed to squirrel away a shopping cart filled with roughly 80,000 calories.

Otunga tells us, “I don’t want my son to go without Twinkies.”

The horror.

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