Breakdown of recent WWE Pay Per View buyrates including worldwide and domestic following the company’s third quarter results. Numbers are courtesy of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

* Money in the Bank: The 7/15 PPV drew 188,000 buys worldwide with 104,000 domestic.

* Summerslam: The 8/19 PPV drew 358,000 buys worldwide with 270,000 domestic.

* Night of Champions: The 9/16 PPV drew 189,000 buys worldwide with 102,000 domestic.

To compare PPV buyrates in 2012 from January through September, the company now sits at 3,274,000 buys worldwide (2,021,000 domestic). Last year this time they were at 3,034,000 buys worldwide (1,805,000 domestic). In 2010 this time they were at 2,892,000 worldwide buys (1,641,000 domestic).