WWE Saturday Morning Slam
December 8, 2012
Report by: Rocky Jimenez of Wrestleview.com

Rub the dust out your eyes, get on your favorite slippers, grab that last slice of pizza in the fridge from last night, and plant your seat in front of The Vortex on CW, because it’s time for another edition of WWE SatMor SLAM!

It’s Cena Saturday on The Vortex! Scott Stamford welcomes us to “The most exhilarating thrill ride on television today!” He mentions that the leader of CeNation, John Cena will be in action the most exciting main event of SatMor SLAM! But we kick off with a just as big match, as Titus O’Niel will face another man making his debut on Saturday mornings, Sheamus! Booker T is with Josh Mathews, and Darren Young join the commentary booth for this big match!

Titus O’Neil vs. Sheamus

They lock up, neither man giving an inch. Titus gets Sheamus into a headlock. Sheamus fights out of it, but Titus hits him with a big shoulder tackle. As Sheamus gets up, he gets Titus into the headlock. Titus gets out, but Sheamus has a receipt for him. Sheamus goes into a headlock into a takedown. Titus fights up and hits a big knee to the gut of Sheamus, followed by a few forearm shots to the back. He whips Sheamus across the ring, and then delivers an ax handle to send Sheamus out onto the floor. Titus rams Sheamus’s ribs into the ring edge, and Sheamus looks hurt as he rolls into the ring. Titus slides in and hits a gut buster. Pinfall, but Titus only gets two. Titus gets Sheamus into an abdominal stretch, but Sheamus is able to power out. A few big hammers from Sheamus, and then tackles Titus into the corner. Sheamus comes off the ropes as Titus and hits him with a big knee. Sheamus gets Titus into the ropes and begins to drop the forearms into his chest, followed by White Noise. Sheamus sets up for the Brough Kick, and hits a big kick for the win!

WINNER: Sheamus

In the back, Matt Striker is with John Cena. Cena says this is a wake-up call, and tonight, there may be three men in 3MB, but only one man will have his arm raised, and that the champ is here on Saturday Morning Slam!

-Commercial Break-

We return to Saturday Morning Slam, but it is not Scott who welcomes us. It is none other than SmackDown General Manager Booker T. He mentions that the holiday season is upon us, and the only way to ring in the holidays are to party it up! But everyone knows you can’t get down with no moves, so Booker T is going to show us how to do the infamous Spinnaroonie! I can’t describe this segment, so just go and check it out, I am sure them YouTubes have it!
Scott warns us that this is a move we need some practice at. He also mentions we have been warned that Cena is in the house, and this leads into a Cena on the Saturday Morning Spotlight. Truth be told, this is almost the same promo the air about Cena all the time. But hey, it is still awesome to see The Doctor of Thuganomics featured in this show!

-Commercial Break-

Its main event time, and this is the biggest one to date! The crowd erupts for Cena’s debut on the “A Show for Saturdays!” I can’t wait. Let’s do this thing!!!

John Cena vs. Heath Slater

Heath wants nothing to do with Cena, but the crowd erupts for Cena. They lock up, and Heath gets in a quick arm drag, taunting his foe for his quick wits. But not good enough as Cena is able to lock in an arm wrench, and then whips Slater into the corner, followed by a monkey flip. Cena hits a big arm drag and gets Heath into an arm lock, but Heath gets into the ropes. Cena is able to get Heath into a head lock, but Heath reverses into his own. Cena fights out of it, shows off by ducking Heath and leapfrogging him, until he hits a big hip toss. Heath goes to the outside to regroup with 3MB. The group decides to use “The Chorus from Lullaby”. 3MB circle the apron and slowly get into the ring. Cena goes for Jinder Mahal, but he leaves, and Heath grabs Cena for a body slam. 3MB celebrate their brilliance, but the ref kicks Mahal and McIntyre out of the ringside area. Heath argues with the ref as the guys leave, and Cena tries to lock in the STF. Heath fights out of it, and is still surprised that he now has to face Cena one on one, as Cena lays hurt outside.

-Commercial Break-

Before we go back to action, Layla grants us with a “Don’t Try This” spot.

Back to in ring action, and Heath hits Cena with a big splash in the middle of the ring, going for a pin, but only getting a two count. Heath wraps around Cena and squeezes down on Cena’s abs. Cena starts to fight out o the hold, and gets up to hit Heath with a back body drop. Cena goes Super and hits two big flying elbows, followed by the slam. Cena lines up, and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. A very wobbly Slater gets up, but eats an Attitude Adjustment for Cena to pick up the win!

WINNER: John Cena


Man, this show was short, but this was a great show nonetheless!

We knew we had one main eventer on, but Sheamus was big! Sheamus is a great character for this show, and he seemed to have fun in there. Plus, Titus O’Niel is really a great talent too, and proved he can handle himself with the big boys. Right now, if they booked Titus as a power house instead of this Playboy gimmick, I ‘m sure he could make a draw for this company. My only complaint is that, if you are going to use Sheamus, stay away from the Brough Kick, since WWE seems to cut away usually when a kick goes down. Still a great match!

The middle segment was… well, lackluster, to say the least. But the fact that we got Cena on The Spotlight, and we had Booker T interact with the fans, it shows they want to do some good with the show.

Wow, the main event, though very short for a Cena main event, was still great. You had the “5 Moves”, you got the AA, you got the STF attempt, and you even got 3MB being a real stable. This is what they need to do with the matches. Not too long, but make sure the guys you advertise for the matches get their shine on, and do it well! Plus, Cena was just looked to have fun as well! Can’t wait for more of the main event scene guys jump in on this show!

Well, if you don’t mind, I gotta go get ready for the final NWA Top Of Texas show of 2012. Either that, or go watch Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash from yesterday. … Yea, that sounds more fun, but I do have big projects that need to be done for this show. Until next week everypony!

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